Plaza del Torico


The city of Teruel is a place you must visit due to its spectacular cultural offer and the large number of architectural treasures and points of interest which are part of its streets, highlighting, without a doubt, the “Plaza del Torico”, the perfect starting point in your visit to the city of Teruel in which you will feel an atmosphere of real relax taking a stroll through its streets.

Jamón de Teruel


During your visit to the city of Teruel you can make a real gift to your palate tasting the best gastronomy in Aragon. Among its essential culinary products we must highlight the “Jamón de Teruel”, the first ham with appellation of origin in Spain, a plate of “Migas Turolenses”, the “Asado de Ternasco y Cabrito” and the tasty Peach of Calanda.

Sierra de Javalambre


In the province of Teruel you will have ski resorts with incredible views, offering alternatives for skiers of all levels. Enjoy an unforgettable day of skiing in the Sierra of Javalambre, in the Valdelinares ski resort and on the “Griegos” ski slopes. Ideal for those who want to start in the world of skiing and for the veterans.

Iglesia de San Pedro en Teruel


The City of Teruel has a spectacular Mudejar artistic heritage, part of which has been recognized by Unesco as World Heritage. During a walk through its streets you can discover the Church of San Pedro, the Cathedral of Santa María de Mediavilla, the tower of the Church of San Martín and the Church of El Salvador or “la Muralla de Teruel”.

Rutas BTT en el Maestrazgo


The Province of Teruel offers an amazing environment which is perfect for outdoor activities. Lovers of Hiking and BTT routes will find the most spectacular environments to enjoy an unforgettable day of Active Tourism in Teruel ideal for all levels and physical conditions. Golf lovers must visit the Castillejo Golf Course.

Sierra de Albarracín


Nature lovers will find in the province of Teruel the most spectacular natural landscapes in which you will be able to enjoy the authentic pure air and relax and those who seek a relaxing bath in the middle of nature will find the best natural pools of Aragon as for instance “L'Assut”, “El Parrizal” , “La Pesquera”, “Sierra de Albarracín” and “Aguaviva”.

Museo Paleontológico Dinópolis


One of the biggest attractions in the offer of culture and leisure of the City of Teruel is the Dinópolis Jurassic Park where you will make an unforgettable trip back in time to the age of the dinosaurs and where you will discover all its secrets in a day packed with activities and attractions for all audiences and all ages.

Los Amantes de Teruel


The cultural wealth of Teruel is beyond doubt. The city has many museums of different themes. Some of the most famous are the Museum of Teruel, as the maximum exponent of the culture in Teruel and the Museum of Sacred Art of Teruel. Another must-see during your trip to the city of love is the Museum of the “Amantes de Teruel” in the Church of San Pedro.

Fiestas de la Vaquilla del Ángel


Popular festivities are an essential part of the culture of the city of Teruel. In summer, the best festivities take place as for instance, “Las Fiestas del Ángel”, in which the city is packed with an amazing atmosphere with a huge range of activities and events. On the other hand, the historical recreations of the “Amantes de Teruel” are a special moment you must experience.