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Rooms Adapted to Your Needs

Double Rooms

Isabel de Segura Hotel is the ideal hotel if you are looking for the best accommodation in Teruel next to Dinópolis because of its rooms which adapt to all your needs.
Do not miss the maximum comfort in our double rooms with comfortable separate beds in which you can add an extra bed.

Double Bed Rooms

Teruel is the city of love and our marriage rooms are ideal to enjoy a romantic trip with your love with the best facilities and amenities in our spacious rooms in which you will enjoy a spectacular double bed and all the necessary amenities.

Hotel en Teruel - Hotel Isabel de Segura

Fall in Love with Teruel

Habitación Familiar - Hotel Isabel de Segura

Enjoy an Amazing Family Trip

Family Rooms

Staying in Teruel in our family rooms is the best option to enjoy an unforgettable family trip..
Our family rooms are characterized by their incredible spaciousness and comfort and by the possibility of adding several extra beds to enjoy the ideal room for you and your family.


Discover everything the rooms of the Isabel de Segura Hotel have to offer you

In the Isabel de Segura Hotel you will stay connected all the time due to our high speed Wifi network available in the rooms.

Regardless of the time of the year in which you stay you will have an air conditioning system for summer and heating for winter.

All rooms at the Isabel de Segura Hotel have a fully equipped bathroom and amenities available for customers.

Feel like home in our fully equipped rooms with a modern large flat TV and telephone.

Do you have any questions about the rooms?

If you have any questions about the configuration of the rooms do not hesitate to put in contact with us. We will be happy to assist you.